Vidcat Archive

What does my Vidcat Archive license include?

With a valid footage payment order you can incorporate the footage for EDITORIAL USE ONLY projects distributed on Digital or Non-Digital platforms worldwide. *Your purchase receipt will title the platform.

What is the difference Between Digital or Non-Digital Platforms?

• Digital Platforms Distribution: Internet, Mobile, VOD, Digital Signage • Non-Digital Platforms Distribution: TV, Film, DVD, Museum Exhibits

In what type of projects can I use the footage?

You can use the footage in a Documentary, News, Educational or Editorial projects. * Please Contact Us for other project types.

What is Editorial Usage?

Editorial use is content that is newsworthy or educational and is providing commentary on a story that IS NOT promoting a brand or service. News programs, documentaries and educational programs are usually considered Editorial. Editorial footage can be used to illustrate a news article on a Blog or website for descriptive purposes in a non-commercial setting.

How long is my license valid?

Any footage that is downloaded with a valid payment can be used worldwide in perpetuity.

Can I download watermarked footage before I subscribe?

Please open an account on the website and Contact Us for a free download of the watermarked video preview.

Can I use the footage for commercial, paid and/or branded advertising?

No! The footage is for EDITORIAL USE ONLY and cannot be used for commercial or promotional purposes.

Are talent, model, personal or property releases included in the license?

No. Editorial use footage does NOT include Releases.

Are there any project restrictions for footage use?

Yes. Footage should not appear in any projects that advocate violence, pornography, obscenity, racism, or discrimination against any one person or group of people. Footage cannot appear in any projects that encourage discrimination against one person or a group of people based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or national origin. Nor do we consent to the use of material in any way that constitutes a threat, harm, invasion of privacy, defamation or any other offensive content.

Do we need to credit Vidcat Archive on footage used?

Footage credit is appreciated but not mandatory.

Who owns the footage?

All footage on the website is owned and maintained by VIDCAT, The Video Catalogue Co Inc.

Can I transfer my license?

No, the license is not transferable.

Is there a minimum age for use of the site?

Yes. The site is designed for users 18 years of age and older.

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